Documents & Reports

In this section, ASUTIL members can have access to different documents and reports of the association and its partners.

Statistics, marketing studies and updates of the economic and financial reality of the region will also be published here.

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On December 16th, 2008, on the occasion of the ASUTIL GENERAL ASSEMBLY, a significant modification of the BY-LAW is approved. It consists of an expansion of ASUTIL's area of action incorporating LATIN AMERICA and the CARIBBEAN regions. In addition, other minor changes are made.

In the development of our by-laws we stated our firm intention to maintain the exchange of cooperation with related companies and associations, considering that tourism and its related activities are dynamic inducers of the economic and social development of the region.

In accordance with its statutes, the Association will seek in particular:

  • Sponsor study, research, training, education and investment projects
  • The creation of an Institute of Comparative Law with the purpose of systematizing legislation and information related to Free Shops and disseminate among its members an initiative aimed at establishing a common integrated regime in South America.
  • Orient its members to possible changes in institutional, local and international trends that benefit or hinder the activity.
  • Represent them among the governments of the different countries that make up the area in the promotion and defense of common interests.
  • Disseminate the role of the activity in the national and international atmospheres, carry out research and studies, organize seminars and congresses, communicate its activities through the means that are understood as the most appropriate and all other management leading to the purpose initially indicated.
  • Integrate and/or maintain cooperative and exchange relationships with other national or international associations engaged in related activities.

Board Minutes

The Board of Directors meets several times during the year, and it´s integrated by Operators Members. The Ordinary General Assembly is held once a year, usually in November-December. All partners, operators and suppliers, are invited to participate in it.

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Minutes of the assemblies and meetings

Financial reports

The financial reports are monthly prepared by the accountant Laura Lecocq.

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Informes Actividades

Presidency & Secretary Reports

The reports of the presidency are made every two years, at the end of the term of office of the authorities of ASUTIL and are presented in the General Assembly.

The authorities rotate every two years. Voting is done in odd years and effective from January 1 of the following year (even year) until December 31 of the subsequent year (odd year).

The reports are in charge of the President and are carried out with the support of the Secretary General and the General Coordinator. They contain a compilation of the main activities and achievements made during the mandate period.

On some exceptional occasions it might be appropriate to carry out a special report. Like this year with the appearance of Covid-19.

Macroview reports

The reports are made especially for ASUTIL by the company MacroView, whose CEO is the economist Carlos Melconian.

A report on the situation of ARGENTINA and another of BRAZIL is provided each month. Both reports consist of a brief summary of the economic-financial situation, which includes the movement of the markets, changes in the exchange rate policies and the country's fiscal situation, evolution of inflation and other indicators, among other topics discussed.

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m1nd-set DF Reports

The LATAM reports are developed by m1nd-set, a company that specializes in the Duty-Free market. Asutil have worked with them on several occasions and its founder and CEO has been an exhibitor at several of our annual conferences.

Likewise, we will also publish the DFWC Quarterly Global Shopping Monitor.

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Other documents

In this section we will include various types of documents, such as brochures, special reports, advertising material, campaigns, etc.