Return of Regional Flights - RIVERA AIRPORT

Published 15/07/2019 - 16:25

The meeting was called by the Deputy of Brazil, Frederico Antunes, and counted a large concurrence of authorities of both countries. It was held in Santana do Livramento on Friday, July 12.

On the part of BRAZIL, it was attended by the Ambassador of Brazil in Uruguay, Dr. Antônio José Ferreira Simões, Federal and State Deputies, Prefects of several localities, and representatives of the Air Force, the Colonel of the Aeronautics Command of Brazil, Elison Montagner.

There were also representatives of the airlines, AZUL, Jose Luiz Feiber, Airport Regional Manager; of GOL, Bhrener Matos, Institutional Relations Executive and TWO FLEX, Rui Aquino, President.

On the part of URUGUAY, the Ambassador of Uruguay in Brazil, Gustavo Vanerio Balbela, the Intendente -in-exercise- of Rivera, José Mazzoni, the Uruguayan Consul in Livramento, Liselott Sarli Pose, deputies, and representative of the air force responsible for Airport of Rivera, Tacuarembó and Artigas, Lieutenant Colonel Ana Inés Sandes Feijó.

Carlos Loaiza, General Secretary of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Free Shops of Uruguay CEFSU, and José Luis Donagaray, Secretary General of ASUTIL, participated on behalf of their respective associations.

Many press media delegates attended the Hearing and also Brazilian regional business and commercial chambers sent their corresponding delegates.

After the formal protocol presentations, the theme of this hearing was raised, and a regional connection at the level of international flights was again achieved.

Great expectations were expressed for the return of flights from Porto Alegre to Santana do Livramento, using the airport in the city of Rivera, in Uruguay. A tentative ticket cost was handled in the environment of 350 reais, equivalent to USD 95 approximately. BLUE would use a 50-passenger ATR 33 and GOL codeshare with TWOFLEX a 12-passenger Cessna Caravan. It is estimated that at the beginning of 2020 the flights could begin, which contributes to increase the great interest that already exists, added to the opening of the Free Shops and to the thermal centers.
Today the trip from Rivera to Porto Alegre by bus takes almost 7 hours and by plane it would be approximately one hour and 40 minutes.

All the authorities present expressed a high degree of commitment, and the best disposition to facilitate and accelerate the necessary steps to achieve the realization of the flights.

To close the day, all those present were thanked for their contributions and their presence at the event.


Panel - Deputy BRAZIL Frederico Antunes

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